GSOC Update: Week 2

Sadly, not much has been done this week, I spent the first half busy with an exam and travelling home across half of Spain. Since then I have been a little ill while I adapted to my town’s climate.

I have also installed a development setup in my desktop computer, for which I had access to for the second half of the week (and next week). I will need this to make my networking tasks easier, as I need two instances of the game running to see how they communicate with each other.

I continued my studies on Moonbase Commander’s code and the SCUMM engine to figure out where to put the hardcoded array. I suspect that once I figure this out, I will be able to make a large progress in very little time.


GSOC Update: Week 1

The initial schedule did not go as planned, some modifications were needed to fit the correct implementation as I will need to separate the project in two parts.

  1. The C++ part, this is the hardest part, as I need to study the current code and figure out how and where to implement the required changes.
  2. The Python part, I am required to learn Python 3 and make a game server, I started learning a little in the past but it will soon be time to continue and master it.

There has been too little progress due to exams and projects, but I will try to compensate the time lost during Week 2 and 3.

To start with the first part of networking, I have to implement a hardcoded array and see how the game consumes it and act accordingly. I am currently studying the code to find the best approach and correct way to do it, since most of my code will depend on it, and fixing this can result on a greater lose of time.

Antonio Román – GSoC

GSOC 2019: Networking Moonbase Commander

I have been selected into Google Summer of Code 2019 under ScummVM. I’m going to be building the networking for the Moonbase Commander game.

I plan to document my journey here. During the first weeks of coding, I will have limited availability due to exams and final projects, but I will compensate the lost time in July.

I’m looking forward to working on the project throught the summer, interact with the community, and learn many new things!